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Gotta name the coven. Drawing a blank! What have ya'all come up with, any suggestions, stir the creative juices please!
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    Re: Name for Coven

    Tue, July 26, 2005 - 5:27 PM
    *scratches head* hard to describe. Open Circle will be basically traditionally wiccan-based. That circle will feed into the inner Circle, which will be much more eclectic. What have ya'all come up with?
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      Tue, July 26, 2005 - 6:42 PM
      How about something that describes your direction? As in which way you want your coven to flow.... Maybe use of a old magick word, or a saying that is comfortable for your whole group.
      If you want it something like publically acceptable, make sure that others can spell/pronounce it. :) like the coven of the woven circle or something. :)
      Sometimes the hardest part is all in the name. :)
      Best of luck! You will find what you need!
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    Tue, July 26, 2005 - 8:07 PM
    "Serious Moonlight?" Sorry, just always wanted to name something that...Seems like it might be a good name if one does lots of Moon rituals...
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      Tue, July 26, 2005 - 8:48 PM
      Nah, you've got an opportunity here to be REALLY creative with something like "Paisley Moon" or "Tie-died Pentacle" or "Not a coven, dammit, The Coven".

      Or not. Why not "Open Circle"? You've already named it yourself!
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    Re: Name for Coven

    Wed, July 27, 2005 - 10:44 AM
    Oh gods keep 'em coming. These are great, got stuff like Starship Moonrose Happyjoy and Frank and Peeing In The Wind. Shhhhheesh.

    If...and that's a big if...IF I go for a serious name, the Open Circle is every full moon, and the Inner Coven is 8 major rituals and 8 prep dates, solar calendar. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Well we can still go for "My Witchy Little Pony", whaddya think?
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      Wed, July 27, 2005 - 1:23 PM
      Okay how about this - put together a variety of first and last names from among the coven members. THEN go to any of the various name generators - for elves, for fantasy characters etc. Run the names through and see if something doesn't pop up that you all like. Do it some night when y'all can gather around one computer and just have fun. I know there should be a pagan name generator out there somewhere....

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        Wed, July 27, 2005 - 1:38 PM
        <<I know there should be a pagan name generator out there somewhere.... >>

        Ask and ye shall recieve (originally written about personal pseudonyms but could apply equally here):

        Lady Pixie Moondrip's Guide to Craft Names
        by Lady Pixie Moondrip


        In the Olde Days, when our pagan ancestors were going through the persecutions we now invoke to justify various kinds of current silliness, witches took craft names to conceal their identities and avoid those annoying visits by the Inquisition. In the course of years, it was noticed that these aliases could also be used as a foundation for building up a magical personality, carrying out various kinds of transformative work on the self, and the like. It's clear, though, that these were mere distractions from the real purpose lying hidden within the craft name tradition. It took contact with other sources of ancient, mystic lore -- mostly the SCA, role-playing games, and assorted fantasy trilogies -- to awaken the Craft to the innermost secret of craft names: they make really cool fashion statements.

        It's in this spirit that Lady Pixie Moondrip offers the following guidelines to choosing your own craft name. Such a guide is long overdue; the point of fashion, after all, is that it allows you to express your own utterly unique individuality by doing exactly the same thing as everyone else. (Those who are particularly drawn to this element of the craft name tradition will find the Random Craft Name Generator near the end of this guide especially useful.)

        The approaches given here can be used separately, or combined in a single name to produce any number of interesting effects. Given enough cleverness (and lack of taste), the possibilities are endless!


        The Random Craft Name Generator

        On the other hand, if you are individualistic like everybody else, you may be looking for a name that expresses the uniqueness of your personality but still sounds like all the other craft names you've ever heard. Fortunately, this isn't too hard. Several years back, a gentleman of Lady Pixie's acquaintance told her that the best way to get laid at a pagan gathering was to have the PA system announce, "Will Morgan and Raven please come to the information booth?"

        Since the resulting crowd would include at least a third of the female attendees, he went on, it wouldn't be too hard to meet someone interesting. While Lady Pixie has not tried this out herself -- she has tested the principle behind it in a series of controlled double-blinded experiments, and discovered a rule that she has modestly named: "Moondrip's Law: 80% of all craft names are made up of the same thirty words combined in various not particularly imaginative ways."

        The discovery of this principle has allowed her to make the once difficult task of creating craft names easy, by means of the:

        Random Craft Name Generator, release 1.0.

        To use the RCNG, take either two or three of the following words (using any convenient randomizing method, including personal preference). If you take two, simply run them together; if you take three, one of the words becomes the first part of the name, and the other two are combined to form the second.

        Wolf, Raven, Silver, Moon, Star, Water, Snow, Sea, Tree, Wind, Cloud, Witch, Thorn, Leaf, White, Black, Green, Fire, Rowan, Swan, Night, Red, Mist, Hawk, Feather, Eagle, Song, Sky, Storm, Sun

        Try it out: "Rowan Moonstar," "Raven Blackthorn," "Silver Ravenw..." -- uh, never mind.

        For the expanded version (RCNG 1.01), come up with a name by any of the methods covered elsewhere in this guide, or take some ordinary American name, and add a two-word name produced on the RCNG to the end: "Gwydion Silvertree." "Sybil Moonwitch." "Squatting Buffalo Firewater." The possibilities are endless!

        (Note that this list will change with shifts in fashion; Lady Pixie expects to bring out an upgrade to RCNG 2.0 in a year or two.)


        It may be objected by the narrow-minded (who are probably all covert Christians, anyway) that members of the Craft have better things to do with their time than the above guidelines would suggest. This shows a complete lack of insight.

        First of all, in an increasingly blase' and tolerant culture, it's becoming hard for white middle-class Americans to get that rush of self-righteous gratification that comes from pretending to be members of a persecuted minority; we may not be able to get burned at the stake by calling ourselves silly names, but at least we can get laughed at, and that's something.

        Secondly, if we keep on treating craft names (and the Craft as a whole) as fashion statements, we are spared the unpleasant drudgery of actually learning magic and making it part of our lives.

        Finally, if we're pretentious enough, those people who actually know enough to magic their way out of a wet paper bag will roll their eyes and go somewhere else, and we can keep on fighting our witch wars, casting vast astral whammies and invoking powers we don't have a clue how to control, all in the serene certainty that no one is actually going to get hurt.

        On the other hand, we could take the Craft seriously...but who wants to do that?

        Lady Pixie Moondrip
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          Wed, July 27, 2005 - 1:41 PM
          But seriously folks, speaking as someone who does not think that paganism and Mercedes Lackey are interchangeable, howzabout just relaxing and letting the name come to your group instead of running out and deciding you must define yourselves with a name first?

          Talk about putting Descartes before the horse...
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            Wed, July 27, 2005 - 1:58 PM
            *G* Too true John - often times names - pop up out of the blue. I changed mine a couple of years ago to one that I felt was more appropriate to who I had become - yet I still found the "commonality" of it a bit disconcerting.

            You know - they could spend a meeting just sitting around and loosely brainstorming....or not...meditating or the end whatever it is will fit.
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              Re: Name for Coven

              Wed, July 27, 2005 - 2:34 PM
              What about a symbol? like the "Coven Formerly Known as ..."
              just a thought

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                Wed, July 27, 2005 - 2:40 PM
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                  Wed, July 27, 2005 - 5:41 PM
                  Aloha Monkey Bong

                  I don't think any explanation is needed.
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                    Re: Name for Coven

                    Wed, July 27, 2005 - 11:16 PM
                    AH HAH HAH HAAAAA!!!!!!! Okay that name goes into the hat. We're gonna vote on names anyway.

                    Oh *holds sides* this is getting to be a great thread. I'm good with creating from a purpose and a plan, but not creating from nothing that which you cannot touch, so this is essential. Aloha Monkey Bong. Oh yes. What else ya'all got?
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                      Re: Name for Coven

                      Wed, July 27, 2005 - 11:45 PM
                      I think John is funny, but who ever came up with the name generator didnt mention that they would also have to register those names with the National Magical Name Registry for them to be official.

                      the group I am in took about 6 months to defintatively decide. We tried one name out but it didnt have staying power, but by voting and eliminating some by email the original name spun off into a perfect one. when we voted on it, after everyone giving there .02, everyone was for it.

                      I lobbied hard for my favorite name; Liliths Underground Railroad, but it didnt win for some reason........
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                        Re: Name for Coven

                        Thu, July 28, 2005 - 11:23 AM
                        "have to register"?

                        Pardon my Tude, but part of the reason I'm starting my own circle (s) and trad is 'cuz what's out there doesn't fit. I don't like the idea of having to get certified before anyone will look at you, I don't like the idea of having a record of everything I've ever done, and I don't like the idea of people following like sheep. Therefore I refuse to register anything I don't absolutely have to, I refuse to allow someone else to test me 'officially' and then let the test decide whether or not to trust or believe in me, and I refuse to do anything just because someone else says "you have to do it!" I am not sheeple and it'll work just fine without it.

                        Gorsh. This was supposed to be a fun thread and multiple people are already squashing it.